49 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 diversity in higher education. While not all of the information in Williams’s 2013 book pertains to libraries, resources such as the case study in Box 7.6 “Creating Shared Commitment,” Table 9.3 “Criteria and Pitfalls for Developing Diversity Committees,” and Box 5.6 “Strategies to Successfully Navigate Campus Politics” can provide lessons learned and frameworks to support the development of deliberate and sustainable change related to DEI (pp. 356, 418, 239). Cooperative Extension Cooperative Extension’s DEI website24 shares resources, frameworks, experts, and competency areas (understanding implicit bias, microaggression development and understanding, cultural competency, promotion of civility, social justice development, organizational learning). This website will be most useful to organizations looking for do-it-yourself ideas to advance DEI efforts. DeEtta Jones & Associates (DJA) DeEtta Jones & Associates (DJA)25 specializes in e-learning, consultations, training, and adapting their methods to fit each organization they work with. Their online learning is targeted at social justice warriors, educators, and business leaders and managers. The website has a constantly growing blog26 featuring arguments for DEI and steps individuals27 and organizations28 can take to work towards a more inclusive world. Currently, DJA’s Equity Toolkit consists of four modules designed to build upon each other: “Essentials of Cultural Competence,” “Reducing the Negative Impact of Bias in the Workplace,” “The Work of EDI: Integrating Inclusion into Organizational Practices,” and “Enabling Equity: Strategy and Structures that Drive Transformation.”29 The next offering of “Essentials of Cultural Competence” starts in January 2021 at $429 per person.30
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