58 Association of Research Libraries Research Library Issues 301 2020 WMFDP’s methodology is based on the premise that buy-in and commitment by leadership to put in the time and resources necessary to work towards personal transformation is vital to successfully leading organizational change. There is an emphasis on leveraging ambiguity and uncertainty, which acknowledges that this type of transformation is a difficult and uncomfortable task. Three case studies49 are available that provide the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of their work with Applied Materials, Northwestern Mutual, and Rockwell Automation. WMFDP programming is built around “8 Critical Leadership Skills”50 and “understands that D&I is an essential part of leadership development achieved through experiential learning.”51 The critical leadership skills are listed below. 8 Critical Leadership Skills 1. Courage of Their Convictions 2. Integrating Head and Heart 3. Listening 4. Balancing Key Paradoxes 5. Leveraging Ambiguity and Turbulence 6. Managing Difficult Conversations 7. Seeing/Thinking Systemically 8. Being an Agent of Change For those who prefer to develop their own programming, WMFDP provides several resources including articles they have written,52 such as “White Men & Diversity: What White Men, White Women, and People of Color Can Do to Make a Real Difference in Their Workplace Diversity,”53 webinars and podcasts they have produced, and case studies.54 Global Diversity Practice Coca-Cola Enterprises In 2013 Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) began implementing their “European Strategy Policy on Diversity and Inclusion,” which included “a Diversity and Inclusion learning deck for roll out across
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