116 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011–2012
Library branches included: Research and Instructional Services (which includes the Alexander Library, Mabel Smith Douglass Library,
Kilmer Library, and the Library of Science and Medicine and Branches); John Cotton Dana Library; Paul Robeson Library; and Technical
and Automated Services.
Library branches not included: School for Management and Labor Relations, and the Center for Alcohol Studies.
Library branches included: Murray Library; Education & Music Library; Natural Sciences Library; Veterinary Medicine Library;
Engineering Library; and University Archives.  
Library branches included: Thomas Cooper Library, Business Library, Math Library, Music Library, Hollings Special Collections Library,
Moving Image Research Collections, and South Caroliniana Library.
Library branches included: Accounting, Architecture and Fine Arts, Business, Cinematic Arts, Doheny Memorial Library, East Asian
Library, Education and Social Work Libraries, Gerontology, Grand Library, Leavey Library, Music Library, Hoose Philosophy Library,
Science & Engineering Library, Special Collections, and Von KleinSmid Library (VKC).
Library branches included: University Library Main, Dewey Library branch, Science Library branch.   
Library branches included: Includes the Arts & Sciences Library, Music Library, and Special Collections (Archives, Poetry and Rare Books).  
Excludes temporary hires, classified staff and staff at the SL-2 salary level.
Library branches included: The Main campus library and four branch libraries.  
Library branches included: Main campus library, Science & Technology Library, and Geology & Math Libraries.  
Library branches included: General or main library includes Paley Library, Ambler Library, Science & Engineering Library, and the Charles
L. Blockson Afro-American Collection.  
For Main library the minimum beginning salary of $44,044 is based on an 11 month contract. the minimum beginning salary for a 10
month contract is $40,150 should the librarian elect that contract term at time of hire.
Library branches included: Includes Hodges Main Library, Pendergrass Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Library, and Devine Music
The Memphis Health Sciences Library has a five-level rank structure and the Knoxville Hospital Preston Medical Library has a three-
level rank structure. [Main Library, Knoxville Health Sciences Library, Memphis Health Sciences Library]. Health Sciences Library data
includes the Knoxville Health Sciences Library and the Memphis Health Sciences Library, reported separately.
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