110 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011–2012
Library branches included: Perkins/Bostock Libraries; Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Library; Lilly Library, Music Library,
and Divinity School Library.
Library branches not included: Business School/Ford.  
Library branches included: Main, Theology, Oxford College.  
Library branches included: Included in Main Library - Education, Music, Journalism, Architecture & Fine Arts, Science, Government
Documents, Maps, Special and Area Studies Collections, and Humanities and Social Sciences.
There are six ranks at the University of Florida Libraries.
Library branches included: Strozier Library (Main), Dirac Science Library, and Engineering Library.
Library branches not included: Music; Career Center; Panama City, Panama; Panama City, FL; Ringling; and Goldstein: School of Library
and Information Studies.
Rank Structure for the Main library has six levels. The Medical Library reported a beginning salary range: $40K -$42K. Public Services
Librarians in Undergraduate Services and Scholars Commons function as a management team. These librarians do perform management
and supervisory duties.
Library branches included: Main.  
Libraries included: Bio Ethics Library.
There are two levels in the Law Library’s rank structure.   
Library branches included: Main Library, Science Library, Map Library, Student Learning Center Library, Curriculum Learning Center
Library, and several reading rooms and experiment station libraries located around the State of Georgia. [Main Library]
Nine levels used for rank structure [Law Library].  
Library branches included: Main Library, and Architecture Branch Library.
Library branches included: Main Campus Libraries: McLaughlin Library and Branch Campus Libraries (which includes the Ridgetown
Campus Library).
All salary values listed in Canadian Dollars ($CAD). Individual rank data have been included for professional librarians only: Library
Director assigned rank = 0, Assistant Librarian assigned rank = 1, Associate Librarian assigned rank = 2, Librarian assigned rank = 3, Non-
librarian professionals assigned rank = 9. Seven Non-librarian professional positions are co-funded by the Library budget, each at 0.52 FTE.
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