108 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011–2012
Sciences, Education-Psychology, Engineering, Environmental Design, Music, Optometry, Physics, Public Health (including Health Sciences
Information Services & Occupational & Environmental Health) & Social Welfare libraries and the Northern Regional Library Facility.
Library branches not included: Affiliated Libraries: Architectural Visual Resources/CED Visual Resource Center, Continuing Education
of the Bar, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, Environmental Design Archives, Ethnic Studies, Gianni Foundation of Agricultural
Economics, Institute of Governmental Studies, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, Institute of Transportation Studies, and
various departmental libraries: e.g. French, History, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Slavic Languages and Literature.
Rank Structure for Main: Six levels. The University of California [system-wide] Librarian Series Salary Scale adjusted effective 10/1/2011.
In accord with the ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011-2012 criteria, all salary data reported corresponds to salary data in existence on July 1,
2011. Beginning Professional Salary effective 10/1/2011.
Library branches included: Peter J. Shields Library (Davis Campus), Physical Sciences & Engineering Library (Davis Campus), Agricultural
& Resource Economics Library (Davis Campus).
Librarians who are department heads as reported on this report received administrative stipends since July 1, 1999, but these stipends
were not included until the report of ARL 2009-2010. We are including these stipends in department head’s salaries and will continue this
method of reporting going forward.
Library branches included: Main
Library branches not included: We currently have no professional librarian positions employed at our Medical library therefore, the
salaries of those employees are not included in the report.  
Library branches included: Charles E. Young Research Library, Powell Library, Arts Library, and Clark Library.  
Library branches included: Rivera Library (serving the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, School of Education, and the
School of Business Administration), and Orbach Science Library (serving the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, the College of
Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences).
Library branches not included: Media and Music Libraries (there are no librarian employees in these facilities).  
Library branches included: Social Sciences & Humanities Library, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Arts Library, Special Collections
Library, and Science & Engineering Library.
Librarians who are department heads have received administrative stipends since July 1, 1999.  The monthly stipend amount is determined
by the number of FTE’s in the department.   
Library branches included: Main, Arts.
There are eight levels in the University of California, Santa Barbara’s rank structure.
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