112 · ARL Annual Salary Survey 2011–2012
Library branches not included: Kent State University regional campus libraries.
Kent State University regional campus libraries’ information was not included this year, although it has been included in the past. This
decision was made because these libraries operate independently: they do not report through Kent campus library; they have separate
hiring, tenure/promotion decisions; their budgets are independent of Kent campus.
Library branches included: Young Library (Main), Special Collections, Design, Fine Arts, Science, Engineering, Agricultural Information
Center, Morris Library (Equine), and Transportation.
The Beginning Professional Salary (BPS) reported for the Law Library is for librarians with an MLS alone. The beginning salary for
librarians with an MLS and JD is $52,000.  
Library branches included: Main library  
Library branches included: General libraries include Middleton and Hill Memorial libraries on the main LSU campus.
Beginning salaries for Law librarians are dependent on credentials required.
Library branches included: Art Library, Ekstrom Library (Main), Music Library, and University Archives & Records Center.
In the past, the numbers in the Rank field were assigned based on position in the organization. Beginning this year, the data in this
field have been assigned based on academic rank. Also, in the past, the directors of the Health Sciences and the Law Libraries have been
assigned a 0 in the rank field, but beginning this year, only the Dean of Libraries has been assigned a 0. The other two library directors
have been assigned a rank based on their academic rank.
Library branches included: Education, Islamic Studies, Marvin Duchow Music Library; Birks Reading Room, Walter Hitschfeld Geographic
Information Centre; Howard Ross Library of Management; Schulich Library of Science & Engineering; Humanities & Social Sciences
Library, and Macdonald Campus (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences).  
Library branches included: Mills Library, Innis Library, and Thode Library.   
Library branches included: William R. Newman Library (Agriculture); Architecture/Fine Arts Library; Elizabeth Dafoe Library; Fr. Harold
Drake Library; St. John’s College Library; Donald W. Craik Engineering Library; Albert D. Cohen Management Library; Eckhardt-Gramatte
Music Library; Sciences and Technology Library; Bill Larson Library; Carolyn Sifton-Helene Fuld Library; Concordia Hospital Library; J.W.
Crane Memorial Library; Misercordia Health Centre Library; Seven Oaks General Hospital Library; and Victoria General Hospital Library.
Library branches included: DuBois Library (Main library), Image Collection Library, and Science and Engineering Library.  
The rank 7 is currently and frequently unoccupied.
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