Footnotes to the ARL Annual Salary Survey, 2011–2012 · 109
Library branches included: Kelvin Smith Library - Main Library, Kulas Music Library, Harris Library, and Mandel School of Applied Social
Library branches included: We include the Law library and the science libraries (including Health) in “Main,” we do not break out any data.   
Library branches included: Survey statistics include all University of Cincinnati Libraries including the Main library, eight college and
departmental libraries (Archives and Rare Books, Chemistry-Biology, Classics, Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, Education,
Criminal Justice and Human Services, Engineering and Applied Science, Geology-Mathematics-Physicis, and Music), and two regional
campus libraries (Clermont College and Raymond Walter College).  
Library branches included: Norlin Library (Main); Business Library; Earth Science Library; Engineering, Math, & Physics Library; and
Music Library.
Engineering and Math/Physics Libraries were combined in June 2011.
The Beginning Professional Salary (BPS) reported for the Law Library is for librarians with an MLS alone. The beginning salary for
librarians with an MLS and JD is $54,000.
Last July (2010), we integrated our department of Academic Computing and Networking Services into CSU Libraries as its own, distinct
department inside Libraries. We did this for both practical and strategic reasons: because more and more of that department›s activities
were directly supporting CSU Libraries, and also because we are expanding the scope of CSU libraries into more emphasis on digital
information. This has been accomplished with the support of the Provost who accepted the strategic plan where this was proposed, and is
now codified in our central administrative systems.
Library branches included: All Libraries.  
Library branches included: University of Connecticut Greater Hartford Campus, Harleigh B Trecker Library, University of Connecticut
at Avery Point Library, University of Connecticut at Stamford, Jeremy Richard Library, University at Connecticut at Torrington Library,
University of Connecticut at Waterbury Library, University of Connecticut at Storrs, Music & Dramatic Arts Library, University of
Connecticut at Storrs, Pharmacy Library, University of Connecticut at Storrs, and Art & Design Library.  
Library branches included: Africana, Engineering/Physical Sciences, Fine Arts Library, Geneva Experiment Station, Hotel Administration,
Management, Mann Library, Math, Music, ILR, Olin/Krock/Uris, and Veterinary Medicine.
Library branches included: Baker-Berry Library, Feldberg Business & Engineering Library, Sherman Arts Library, Paddock Music Library,
Storage Library, Rauner Special Collections Library, and Kresge Physical Sciences Library.  
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