56 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2007–2008
4b Law serials titles not purchased: no consortial or gift titles are received. Freely accessible and government document titles are
received, but were not reported.
28 The College of Law Library is open 112 hours, but occurrence is within the 148 hours of operation for the University Libraries.
All figures are as of 08/31/2009.
All figures are as of 08/31/2008.
30 The 2006–2007 number for Law Library was incorrect. We reported 226, but the number should have been 2,260.
Library branches not included: Alderman (main), Astronomy, Biology/Psychology, Brown Science & Engineering, Chemistry,
Clemons Undergraduate, Education, Fiske Kimball Fine Arts, Math, Music, Physics, Small Special Collections, Darden Graduate
1 Includes 25,579 e-books.
1bi Includes 4,579 e-books.
1bii No e-books are included.
2 3,656 e-books are included.
4 The serials figures for all University of Virginia libraries are reported in the main survey only (see 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
36-42 Reported for all University of Virginia libraries in the main survey (see 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
4 Law library reported only total number of serial titles and did not break down by any subcategory.
22 This includes only database fees.
1 Includes 43,016 e-books broken down as follows: Making of Modern Law: 23,811; Marchive Load e-gov doc: 9,948; LexisNexis
Congressional Serial set: 7,936; HeinOnline: 3,731; JATOR IV: 155; LegalTrac: 168; miscellaneous: 267.
1a Includes 31,083 e-books.
1bi Includes 11,933 e-books for 2007–2008.
4 Methodology used: add bibliographic linked record exists to check-in; add bibliographic 245 field (no microform) and bibliographic
law (note field not cancelled). After auto deduping by III, this resulted in 5,788 records.
4a Search record with linked record to order and order paid amount; resulted in 2,498 records.
4biii The total of serials received is 3,258 and 1,820 are government documents. The other 1,438 were entered under print since they could
not be broken down by the other categories. The total figure had to be entered in a category in order to get (4b) to add up to the bottom
19 Fringe benefits are included in other operating expenditures and are not included in the salary figures.
31 Reference transactions figures are not available for the Law Library.
All figures are as of 04/30/2008.
4ai Electronic resources centrally funded and made available for law library use.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) 135,618; (15b) 719,188; (15c) 0; (15d) 0; (15) 854,806; (16) 10,256; (17a) 235,966; (17b)
157,848; (17c) 10,565; (17) 404,379; (19) 13,762; (20) 1,283,203; (21) 0; (22) 0; (23a) 0; (23b) 0; (24) 0; (25) 0.
15d This is included in Main Library expenditures (centrally funded).
21-25 Centrally funded and included in the main library survey (see 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
35 Law figures included with main library (see 2007–2008 ARL Statistics). This service is provided through a central office.
2 E-books: 4,327 (Hein Online: 3152; LLMC: 1,119; LoisLaw: 56).
4-4biv Per data source, reluctant to report partial figures and cannot track all of the relevant resources and collections.
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