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KANSAS, cont.
34 Less materials available to lend due to remodeling in 2007–2008.
35 Borrowing less materials because we are getting more materials electronically now.
4bi-4bii Unable to “separate out” Law journals. They are included in count for the Main Library (see the 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
4a Used EBSCO's AtoZ overlap report to identify unique electronic serial titles. Original report included all Law packages, as well as
LOUIS consortium packages, including LexisNexis Academic package since this would overlap many of our titles. Added LLMC-
Digital serials which are not included in EBSCO AtoZ. Created a master list of electronic titles from this data, excluding the LOUIS
consortium package titles since these are also owned by the main campus. Deduped this list and removed obvious monographs and
collections from list.
4b Created a list of current print serials from order records.
4biii Created list of print serials that are not purchased from our serial control records; excluded Louisiana (State) and Federal documents,
since the main campus is a regional depository.
All figures are as of 05/31/2008.
4b We do not keep separate statistics for electronic material.
15-25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) 378,868; (15b) 529,857; (15c) 3,139; (15d) 83,314; (15) 995,178; (16) 0; (17a) 347,557; (17b)
310,017; (17c) 28,798; (17) 686,372; (19) 10,054; (20) 1,691,604; (21) 28,862; (22) 43,836; (23a) 0; (23b) 0; (24) 0; (25) 0.
26 The total is 12.5 FTE.
26a Actual figure is 12.5 FTE.
26b The actual figure is 7.5 FTE.
35 This service is provided by the central library’s Interlibrary Loan office.
17a Excludes law library director's salary.
36-42 Institutional-level data reported in the 2007–2008 ARL Statistics.
1 27,526 of these volumes are e-books.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 703,599.
2 1,526 are e-books
32-33 This figure includes reserves.
1b, 2 Include 21,800 new e-books from the Making of Modern Law.
15d Expenditures under "Misc" increased over those reported in 2006–2007.
25 Expenditures for ILL/document delivery declined because fewer copyright permissions were necessary.
11 Audio visual breakdown for entire library system is unavailable. Law Library AV breakdown: Graphic: 0; Audio: 12; Film/Video: 62.
39 This figure refers to law students.
Library branches included: Schmid Law library.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 240,601.
1b The materials budget has been heavily reduced due to budget cuts.
4 Unable to obtain data for electronic serials.
4biii This decrease is due to the decision to replace print serials with electronic versions.
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