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15b Number for prior year (2006–2007) should have been submitted as $2,171,546.
25 Correct total for Law Library is $25,643; number is marked as UA/NA in order to submit correct overall number for Columbia (see
footnote to question 25, Butler Library; 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
34 Includes 5,475 for fee-based services.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 565,742. Change in volumes held June 30, 2007 reflects the fact that additional e-books were
1bi Includes a small number of manually cataloged e-books.
4 The count was calculated before the 2007–2008 definition was released; therefore, following the 2006–2007 definition. These figures are
an estimate only and 1,900 were estimated to be non-current e-tittles. Print count includes non-serial continuations.
15d Includes shipping costs only.
17a Includes expenditures for librarians and "exempt" staff.
26a Includes librarians and "exempt" staff.
31 Figure was under-reported in 2006–2007 due in large part to the new sampling method.
32-33 Includes ILL lending and some staff transactions.
38 Instructional faculty count should have been 37 for 2006–2007.
34 Decrease due to the renovation of the library. ILL lending was suspended during this year (2007–2008) until the renovation was
36-42 This data is reported in the main library survey (2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
All figures are as of 8/31/2008.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 217,631.
4 Vast differences in serials numbers are due to change in counting procedure and new categories.
4ai Includes 1,202 HeinOnline journal titles contained in Serial Solutions.
4aii Items previously counted in this category are now counted in another category.
4biii This entry contains items previously counted that are now reported in a different location.
15d Lexis/Westlaw $86,643 and SOLINET $7,885.
39, 41 2007–2008’s number was included in the Main survey (see 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
15 Reduction in expenditures from 2006–2007 due to decrease in purchases of historic resources and cancellations of serials duplicated in
online services.
17c Decrease in expenditures for student employees due to restructuring of support staff and reduced need for student workers.
19 Reduction in amount of equipment purchased from 2006–2007.
32-33 Increased circulation probably caused by increased use by graduate students and law review members.
4biv Government documents are not counted separately.
34 Numbers for filled requested provided and received were reversed in 2006–2007. 2006–2007 response should have been 2,233;
therefore, the percentage of change in 2007–2008 is actually -3.81%.
35 Numbers for filled requested provided and received were reversed in 2006–2007. 2006–2007 answer should have been 3,477. The
percentage of change in 2007–2008 is only 1.24%.
4b Data for law library non-purchased serials are not available.
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