54 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2007–2008
15a-15d In order to fund serials, monographs, other library materials, miscellany have been reduced
16 Revisited library policy for binding and decided to reduce funding for this area.
17a This figure has decreased from 2006–2007 because of attrition.
17c The funding for student assistants was cut.
22 Expenditures for electronic resources continue to rise because of the demand for them. Skyrocketing serials prices are out of pace with
our serials budget, so resources have been taken from other areas.
24 The 2007–2008 budget for computer hardware and software was cut.
29-30 The demand for instruction (i.e. faculty requests for it) has decreased.
31 Reference transactions appear to have been steadily decreasing for numerous reasons: improved signage, ability of patrons to find
information independently, and a larger number of our users use the library virtually.
32-33 Reduced 2007–2008 circulation statistics appear to be a downward trend.
34 Library staff unable to account for the decrease in filled requests.
35 The large increase in ILL requests can be attributed to two factors. First, the law School started a new Telecommunications Law
Program that is highly specialized and three faculty members were hired in this new program. Much of the research in this program
is published in Europe and not available in the United States. Second, another faculty member's research is in an esoteric area that is
not yet well represented in the collection.
39-40 There are no undergraduates in the UNL Law Programs
36-42 See "University Library" branch figures (2007–2008 ARL Statistics) for institutional totals for questions 36-42.
All figures are as of 08/31/2008.
23b Law library total is inseparable from total university libraries figure of $1,185,462.
4a-4ai Inclusion of Law Integrating Resources. Serials statistics are reported as de-duped for all libraries.
4b-4biv Serials statistics are reported as de-duped for all libraries following ARL Best Practices.
Library branches included: Jaqua Law Library.
1b Large number of e-books added and cataloged in 2007–2008.
4 Large package of e-journals purchased and cataloged for 2007–2008.
4ai The number of print journals is only an estimate.
15 Payments now performed on a normal fiscal-year cycle. Some payments were previously charged twice in one year or not at all in
some years.
15c Paid as monographs or serials.
15d Abstracting and indexing services are now reported here instead of as serials expenditure.
21 MOML (Modeling Markup Language) payment.
25 Law can not be separated from main library statistics (see the 2007–2008 ARL Statistics).
35 This figure is incomplete- most transactions can not be separated out for the general library statistics (see the 2007–2008 ARL
Library branches included: Dickinson School of Law and H. Laddie Montague, Jr. Law Library branches located at: 214 Katz Building,
University Park, PA 16802; 150 S. College Street, Carlisle, PA 17013.
1bi E-books counted as titles because volume count unavailable (15,449).
2 The 2006–2007 figure included the purchase of over 21,000 e-books as part of The Making of Modern Law online package.
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