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15c Bibliographic utilities: $6890 other (memberships, etc.): $2,869.
2, 4a, 4b Estimate.
17a Does not include director’s salary.
1b.i We changed how we counted volumes to reflect new ABA standards. We had previously included cataloged electronic serial title
volumes that are now counted differently. We adjusted to remove electronic volumes previously reported and to add electronic
volumes counted with new ABA standards.
1b.ii We withdrew 40,256 volumes to accommodate library remodeling.
2 Includes electronic monographic volumes purchased in MOML and Supreme Court Records and Briefs.
4a Our reported number of current serials purchased dropped because of de-duping with Main and Medical libraries and because of
cancellations in preparation for library remodeling. Number of current serials received but not purchased are included. Government
document titles counted here.
10 Cartographic materials reflects number purchased.
12 Audio reflects number purchased.
26b One support staff position was converted to tenure track librarian position.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 443,204. Includes 994 e‑books not counted in 2005–2006.
1b.i Two of our electronic vendors, LLMC‑Digital and Hein Online, added 3,610 e‑books in the past year. In addition, our normal level
of print volume purchases increased due to the purchase of several new state statute sets and the reinstatements and replacement of
large sets following the Katrina-related cancellations.
15a Reflects the additional costs associated with the purchase of the additional state statutes, reinstatements, and replacements mentioned
in question (1bi) above.
15b Part of this increase was again due to the reinstatement of serial titles cancelled following Katrina. Much of the remainder was due
to the change in language to (4a) which allowed us this year to count full‑text electronic serial titles. In 2005–2006, these titles were
excluded from the count and instead were reflected in the Supplementary Statistics. Since we could count these electronic serial titles
this year, we included the cost to purchase access in the serial titles expenditures. In 2005–2006, we reflected these expenditures in
Other library expenditures, (15c) (see below).
15c Excludes the cost of electronic serial titles that are instead included in (15b) (see above). The remaining amount reflects the
expenditures for electronic database access but which cannot be tied to the cost of any particular electronic serial title as required to
be reported in (15b).
19 2005–2006 amount included equipment expenditures which did not occur this year.
22 In 2005–2006, this question focused only on the cost of electronic serials which were excluded from inclusion by the language of (4a).
This year’s language is broader and allows us to report the cost of all ongoing electronic resource purchases.
24 In 2005–2006, we had no new computer purchases for the library, but we overlooked the cost of support for our computer system and
so we underreported. This year’s figure more accurately reflects those support costs, primarily telecommunications expenses.
17a Excludes law library director’s salary.
36-42 Institutional‑level data reported in ARL Statistics.
15d ILL, $378 and mass de-acidification, $50,717.
32-33 Includes reserves.
4 Because of the ARL decision to count individual serial titles rather than serial subscriptions, some electronic sources have been
counted by the individual titles they contain instead of counted as one subscription. In addition, since the last fiscal year more of our
serial titles have been represented by bibliographic records in the catalog.
25 We have seen an increase in this budget line in both the number of transactions and the cost per transaction.
1a Adjusted to count volumes transferred from University Libraries.
4a,4b Breakdown of unique titles by branch library is not feasible.
11 Breakdown of A/V media holdings not entered because not available for main ARL statistics. Law Library holdings are Graphic, 13
Audio, 250, and Video 875
36 Breakdown corresponding to branch library not available. Counts for entire campus entered in main statistics.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 379,960.
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