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Footnotes to the ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2006–2007
Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data not previously reported from prior years. Numbers in
parentheses refer to columns in Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers. Unless otherwise noted, all
figures are as of 06/30/2007.
Figures are as of 09/30/2007.
19 Includes bibliographic utilities and literature searching.
1b.ii Library is undergoing facility renovation and numerous volumes were discarded as a result.
2 Monographic titles purchased are only counted.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 327,976.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2006 revised to 240,957. This number has been adjusted as per the instructions for (1b). The adjustment reflects
the addition of 2,795 cataloged e‑book titles which are part of digital products reported in the footnote for (2). In future years we will
add only additional cataloged e‑books in this product to (1bi).
2 This figure includes 2,795 e‑books included in the following digital products: HeinOnline: 1,581 LLMC Digital (Law Library
Microform Consortium): 977 BNA‑ALL (Bureau of National Affairs): 237.
4-4a See footnotes for Questions 4a.i. and 4a.ii.
4a.i These numbers reflect partial (not complete) de-duping of e‑resources between the University and Law Libraries.
4a.ii Unable to de-dupe law library print resources against either law library e‑resources or against University library print or e‑resources
this year.
4b-4b.ii Not de-duped.
Figures are as of 12/31/2006.
13 This figure is very low and included with the Audio count.
4a, 4b Number was NA/UA for 2005–2006.
6-12 No longer useful units withdrawn causing minor drop from 2005–2006 total.
34 Change in filled requests given low total number is not statistically significant.
36-42 Institutional‑level data reported in ARL Statistics.
4a.i Unable to breakout for Law only their electronic resources from total electronic serials.
4a.i The law library also has access to 37,913 e-journals that are reported in the main library’s statistics.
15d OCLC expenditures.
17, 18, 26 Expenditures and staff FTE have decreased since the IT department for the Law Library no longer reports to the Director of the Law
1, 1b Withdrew 38,608 volumes that were duplicative or available in electronic form and in the university library.
2 Reflects receipt of books ordered late in 2005–2006 and a new policy to expend all book funds before 7/07.
13 Established a popular DVD collection and purchased 409 DVDs.
15-15a In 2006–2007, electronic expenditures data were excluded. The increase in monographic expenditures was due to a new policy to
reduce year‑end commitments and expend book funds before 7/07.
15b In 2005–2006, electronic expenditures data were excluded. The correct amount for (15b) for 2005–2006 was $1,327,931.
15c The 2005–2006 survey incorrectly reported (15c) as $293,461. The correct figure for other library materials (15c) was $18,028.
17c No student project staff were employed in 2006–2007.
21 The correct amount for (21) for 2005–2006 was $409,974.
26-26b No project staff were employed in 2006–2007.
33 The library was undergoing a renovation all year and 200,000 volumes were placed in dark storage.
34 Number of titles lent varies based on the unpredictable requests from other libraries further, 200,000 volumes in storage were
unavailable for ILL.
35 May be attributed to the need to borrow titles owned, but now in dark storage.
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