40 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2006–2007
Question 38. Instructional Faculty. Instructional faculty are defined by the U.S. Dept. of Education as
members of the instruction/research staff who are employed full-time as defined by the institution,
including faculty with released time for research and faculty on sabbatical leave.
Full-time counts generally exclude faculty who are employed to teach fewer than two semesters, three quarters, two
trimesters, or two four-month sessions replacements for faculty on sabbatical leave or leave without pay faculty
for preclinical and clinical medicine faculty who are donating their services faculty who are members of military
organizations and paid on a different pay scale from civilian employees academic officers, whose primary duties are
administrative and graduate students who assist in the instruction of courses. Please be sure the number reported, and
the basis for counting, are consistent with those for 2005-06 (unless in previous years faculty were counted who should
have been excluded according to the above definition). Please footnote any discrepancies.
Questions 39–42. Enrollment. U.S. libraries should use the Fall 2006 enrollment figures reported to the Department
of Education on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System survey. Please check these figures against the
enrollment figures reported to ARL last year to ensure consistency and accuracy. Note: In the past, the number of part-
time students reported was FTE the number now reported to IPEDS is a head count of part-time students. Canadian
libraries should note that the category “graduate students” as reported here includes all post-baccalaureate students.
Please consult the data entry Web interface (www.arlstatistics.org) for a copy of last year’s footnotes. These can be found
under “Historical Data” by clicking a survey’s arrow icon under the “View Summary”column and then selecting the
“Footnotes” tab. Explanatory footnotes will be included with the published statistics. Reporting libraries are urged to
record in the footnote section any information that would clarify the figures submitted, e.g., the inclusion and exclusion
of branch campus libraries (see the “General Instructions” for definition of branch campus libraries). Please make an
effort to word your footnotes in a manner consistent with notes appearing in the published report, so that the ARL
Office can interpret your footnotes correctly.
Submit the completed questionnaire
by January 30, 2008.
For assistance, please e-mail Martha Kyrillidou (martha@arl.org) or Mark Young (stats-ra@arl.org)
Tel. (202) 296-2296.
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