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10 Medical insurance, retirement, FICA, workers compensation insurance, lump sum vacation pool, and
retiree insurance pool.
18 Includes COUNTER-compliant data for journals from AMA, Cambridge, EBSCO, Elsevier, Informa,
Karger, Nature, NEJM, Ovid, Oxford, Sage, Springer, Taylor &Francis, Thieme, and Wiley.
19 Includes searches in the following databases: CINAHL, DynaMed, Gale, LexiComp, Cochrane,
Scopus, AccessMedicine, MD Consult, STAT!Ref, and UpToDate.
20 Federated searching across content is handled by Primo, which Marriott handles. This number will
be included in Marriott’s stats.
6, 8–8.c Staff in Knowledge Management programs, providing nontraditional services, are paid from a
separate Medical Center budget.
10 Includes health plan, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plan, tuition assistance, and
vacation and sick leave.
13–13.c Staff for Knowledge Management programs that provide nontraditional services are not considered
part of library.
13.c Actually comprises .15 FTE.
17 Decrease due to emphasis on electronic collections.
18–20 Included in summary total figures.
21 Decrease due to new request-routing protocols being used by the National Library of Medicine and
emphasis on electronic collections that cannot be loaned.
Health Sciences questions 18–29 statistics included in UW Main Library.
1 Titles and volumes held are included in UW Main statistics.
2 Volume count included in UW Main Library statistics.
8–8.b FY11 included about $700,000 in fringe benefits FY12 does not include fringe benefits.
10 Fringe benefits include annuity, FICA, health allowance, and dependent tuition allowance.
17 FY11 included reserve numbers FY 12 does not.
21 Discontinuation of ArticleReach and counting of in-house borrowing in FY11 are most likely
responsible for decline in numbers.
23–29 Numbers are consolidated in Olin Main report.
2 This figure is the sum of the total Volumes held for Ebling Health Sciences Library (238,481 volumes)
and the campus-wide total for e-books (656,536 e-books), as these e-books are not exclusive to Ebling
Health Sciences Library holdings.
4 This reported figure represents the UW Madison campus-wide total for electronic books, not
exclusive to Ebling Health Sciences Library holdings.
17 The reported data appears decreased compared to last fiscal year in part due to the revised ARL
survey instructions that specify the exclusion of “renewals”.
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