42 · ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2011–2012
CHICAGO, cont.
10 The university’s fringe benefit rates are calculated by Sponsored Award Accounting annually and
negotiated with the Department of Health and Human Services. Rates are calculated for benefit
eligible (receive full benefits). In addition, a Federal rate is calculated which is the same as the benefit
eligible rate excluding unallowable dependent tuition remission benefit expenses. This rate is only
applied to salaries charged to Federal awards. Some of the major fringe benefit cost categories are:
health insurance, retirement, FICA/Medicare, tuition remission, workman’s compensation and
unemployment insurance. Fringe benefit expenses also include short/long term disability, life
insurance, temporary shutdown, staff/faculty assistance, child/elder care, employee physicals,
training and flex-transportation/medical/dependent.
11 This percent is applied to all staff except those with salary paid from federal awards.
16, 21 Unexplained variance.
18–20 These figures are collected in aggregate institution wide and are not easily or reliably separable for
health sciences.
11 The fringe benefits rate varies by employee group. Rates are: faculty librarians -28%, administrative
and professional -36.5%, support staff -47%, and student assistants -8.5%.
8.a FY11 number should have been $889,000.
8.b FY11 number should have been $402,000.
9 FY11 number should have been $190,010.
13.b FY11 number should have been 10.
21 FY11 number should have been 7,508.
22 FY11 number should have been 4,595.
2 Continuing to withdraw volumes.
7.c Binding -$2,188, document delivery -$2,242, member -$200, OCLC -$4,258, library sys -$78,469, total
10–11 Fringe benefits will not be included in the salary figures. There are five different unions at the Health
Center, three of which are represented in the Health Center Library. The fringe rates vary by 30%
between various union positions in the Library and this makes it difficult to have a generalized
Library branches included: Includes the Medical Library and the Medical Center Archives in New
York City. The Medical Center Archives (which now reports to the Medical Library) was not included
in the past. For the first time, some of the Medical Library figures also include counts for its Patient
Resource Center.
Library branches NOT included: Excludes the medical library at the Weill Cornell Medical College in
1 This count excludes counts for the Medical Archives.
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