46 · ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2011–2012
10 Includes retirement, health insurance, life insurance, and miscellaneous fringe benefits (FICA and
Social Security).
11 Designated percent is for professional staff.
18–19 Included in the Main Library total. Not able to obtain separate total for the Medical Center Library.
2 A separate volume count is not available from the reporting library. We anticipate the number of titles
and volumes will be adjusted upward during the year.
16 Number of reference transactions not available from reporting library.
17 Number of circulations is included in the figure supplied for the main library.
18–22 Not available from reporting library.
All figures are as of 04/30/2012.
6–9, 10, 12 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars Collections Expenditures: (7a) $41,120; (7b)
$1,782,386; (7c) $79,675; (7) $1,903,181; Salary Expenditures: (8a) $606,592; (8b) $837,487; (8c) $113,569; (8)
$1,557,648; (10) $490,660; Overall Expenditures: (7) $1,903,181; (8) $1,557,648; (9) $111,288; (6) $3,572,117;
(12) $733. NOTE: Total Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
10 Includes Statutory CPP, EI, EHT, and WSIB; pension; dental; major medical; life insurance surcharge;
post-retirement surcharge; WSIB NEER surcharge; and sick leave pool for permanent staff.
11 An estimate; varies by employee group, salary, and coverage (single, family).
4 N/A
10–11 Fringe amounts are based on the total salaries for professionals and staff. The rate is 24.5% for
professionals and 39.9% for staff.
1–2 There are a greater number of e-books available.
14 There were fewer open instruction classes and more targeted curriculum support classes.
All figures are as of 06/30/2012.
Library branches included: BioMedical Library and Veterinary Medicine Library.
Health Sciences Libraries is a division of the University Libraries and is not administratively separate.
4 Electronic books are available across the entire University Libraries system and are not tied to specific
branch locations.
7.c Binding - $27,136, memberships - $3,045, and BioMed Central - $10,246. ILL content is paid from
central materials budget.
9 Change is partly due reallocation of IT support funding to central Libraries IT division, reallocation
of substantial ILL expenses to central Libraries units, also reduction in pass-through expenses for fee-
based document delivery service.
10 Retirement or pension, group life and disability insurance, workers compensation, unemployment
insurance, Social Security, Medicare, tuition component for grad assistants, and accrued vacation
payout on termination.
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