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CORNELL, cont.
6, 8–9 The NYC medical units shared four academic staff with the medical library in Qatar or with the New
York-Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Only the WCMC-paid FTE portions are included here with one
exception: 1 FTE fully funded by Qatar is included as he works and reports to staff in the Medical
Library in NYC. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital also funds additional general operating
expenses (not included here) for the Medical Archives. Similarly, materials expenditures exclude
Qatar’s and Ithaca/Geneva’s contributions to shared e-resources.
7 The breakouts requested cannot be provided. See also note under Total Library Expenditures.
8.a Includes expenditures for academic and exempt staff.
8.b Includes expenditures for non-academic, non-exempt staff only.
13.a Includes academic and exempt staff.
13.b Includes non-academic, non-exempt staff only.
16.a The count for the Medical Library is extrapolated from 12 random sampling weeks.
18 This count cannot be reported separately for Medical as many subscriptions are shared between
NYC, Ithaca/Geneva and Qatar. See the count in the main survey.
23 With the definitional change, MDs are now included. For 2011/12, the count includes 99 MDs, 49
PhDs and 19 MD/PhDs.
24 The doctoral degree fields count is higher in 2011/12 because it now includes the three NYC Tri-
Institutional Programs (MD/PhD, Computational Biology &Medicine and Chemical Biology), which
were not counted before.
25 This is the count reported for IPEDS HR survey Part C for “Primary instruction +instruction/
research/public service” for the Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC (IPEDS UnitID 190424).
Library branches included: Dana Biomedical Library and Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library.
1 Different method of calculation used.
4 Electronic books not counted as part of any individual library location, total overall for college is
9 Cyclical hardware replenishment.
13.a, 27, 29 Raw numbers are more accurate than percentages due to the nature of the raw data.
15–16 Increased outreach efforts.
22 Fluctuates depending on current needs.
All figures are as of 7/30/2012.
2 Lower volume count a result of major weeding project.
All figures are as of 08/31/2012.
All figures are as of 11/29/2012.
2 The Medical Library completed a major print book and journal weeding project this year.
6 This year the question includes staff last year the question did not include staff.
8.b–8.c Counted temporary staff in the student assistant category last year and made correction this year.
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