60 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2011–2012
22 Greater emphasis on meeting faculty and student ILL needs for materials not in collection.
7 Figure reflects budget reductions.
9 FY11 included fringe benefits FY12 does not.
10 Fringe benefits include annuity, FICA, health allowance, and dependent tuition allowance.
13.a One professional staff member no longer reports to the Law Library.
13.b Realignment of support staff following professional person no longer reporting to library.
17 Reserve numbers were included in FY11, and excluded in FY12.
18–20 Data are for the following COUNTER-compliant databases: ProQuest Legislative Insight, ProQuest
Congressional, Oxford Reports on International Law, Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public
International Law, EBSCO Index to Legal Periodicals, EBSCO Index to Legal Periodicals Retro,
LegalTrac, Gale State Papers Online, 1509–1714, Gale The Making of Modern Law, Gale The Making
of Modern Law: FCIL, Gale The Making of Modern Law: Primary Source, Gale The Making of
Modern Law: Trials, and Gale U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs.
23–29 Numbers are consolidated in Olin Main report.
All figures are as of 04/30/2012.
4 Law Library e-books included with Western Libraries count.
6–9, 10, 12 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars Collections Expenditures: (7a) $74,549 (7b) $563,812
(7c) $4,819 (7) $643,180 Salary Expenditures: (8a) $229,540 (8b) $168,325 (8c) $6,865 (8) $404,730 (10)
$105,360 Overall Expenditures: (7) $643,180 (8) $404,730 (9) $13,672 (6) $1,061,582 (12) $0. NOTE: Total
Salaries and Wages (Q8) EXCLUDES Fringe Benefits Expenditures (Q10).
7.c Binding.
10 Law Library fringe benefits included the actual benefit costs to Western Libraries. Western Libraries
is charged benefits at a rate of 27.5% for all full-time permanent employees. Western Libraries is
charged at a rate of 13% for student assistants and contract support staff.
18–20 Unavailable.
21–22 Interlibrary Loans is a centrally funded and operated service at Western Libraries.
1 Data for the Law Library was incorporated into the main campus title count. Law’s individual title
count is 273,145 using bib record counts from Voyager.
11 Regular faculty and academic staff–41.0%, regular classified–56.0%.
17 The increase in initial circulations for Law Library reflects the database’s record of such transactions.
18–20 This reported figure represents campus–wide totals, and is not specific to Law Library. It is not
possible to extract Law specific data for this question.
23–29 This data is not specific to the Law School, but rather reflects campus-wide totals.
2, 4 We do not add e-books to volume count.
11 Currently, the fringe rate for professional staff is 38.9%. The fringe rate for union, clerical, and
technical staff is 55.5%.
12 OCLC, cataloging from various sources, and III.
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