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8.c Reduced expenditure due to decrease in circulation desk staffing and student assistance in digital
10 Fringe benefits include salary Social Security match, salary Medicare match, defined benefit
retirement match, ORP defined contribution match, PEORP defined contribution match, pretax
admin assessment, health insurance employer contribution, and state life insurance contribution.
4 We do not maintain volume count for electronic resources. We only maintain title count.
7.c Binding–$96,931; ILL–$28,955; and collection management–$188,399.
9 Computing–$14,373; equipment–$20,417; supplies–$76,984; staff development–$84,564; and misc. =
17 Lower initial circulation believed to be caused by increased use of online resources.
4 The decrease in e-books is due to a more careful counting so as not to duplicate counting shared
resources with the Main Campus Library.
11 Staff benefit rates/percentages are based on individual salaries: Above $75,000.00 is 28%; between
$50,000 and $74,999 is 34%; between $35,000 and $39,999 is 44%; and below $35,000 is 55%.
1 Title count based on total bibliographic records with active holdings in Harvard’s HOLLIS system.
2 Volume counts are an estimate based on item records in Harvard’s HOLLIS system, inflated by 30%
to account for items that are not represented by item records.
4 Electronic book data is organized centrally; data is included on Harvard’s MAIN survey.
7.a–7.b Includes digitally reformatted materials.
7.c Collections support includes binding, postage, records storage, preservation services, dues and
memberships, etc.
10 Harvard’s fringe assessments cover payroll taxes and employee benefits, including (but not limited
to) health coverage and pension.
13.c FTE figure is not available for student assistants.
17 Circulation figures include traditional circulation numbers (excluding reserves) and Scan & Deliver
service transactions.
18–20 Data not available for FY2012.
21–22 Materials lent through traditional ILL services (e.g., OCLC Resource Sharing) and Borrow Direct.
7.c Amounts reflected here are for bibliographic utilities as well as journal binding.
18 Only two of Law’s vendors are in COUNTER compliance, but those two are not fully compliant.
The statistics gathered are for the following vendors: Thomson Reuters and Oxford University Press
(“Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law” and “Oxford Reports on International Law”
both of which are reported from November 2011).
20 The Law Library does not subscribe to any federated search engines, only individual databases.
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