56 · ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2011–2012
8.c The need for coverage by student assistants was reduced by more stable support staffing in this year.
9 Administrative restructuring changed operational allocations downward.
10 Includes dental care, vision care, medical care, life insurance, vacation, sick leave, long-term
disability, retirement, and tuition benefits.
13.b Support staff, FTE =11.5 rounded up to 12.
18–20, 26–29 This is recorded as a single figure on the Main Libraries Survey, and represents the count for all
branches of the Northwestern Libraries on the Evanston and Chicago campuses.
7.c ILL–$4,818, preservation–$1,424, and collection management applications–$107,610.
9 Binding–$10,793, computing–$87,487, equipment–$104,145, supplies–$58,613, professional
development–$52,741, and miscellaneous–$30,910.
11 25% official designated percent for library faculty exempt staff–27.8%, non-exempt staff 41.7%,
students and temps range from 1.4% to 7.6%.
12 After reassessing, we determined that the library doesn’t pay for services that qualified under
the definition for this question that included: “for which it does not pay fully and/or directly (for
example, funding is provided by the state on behalf of all members)”, so these expenditures that were
included in that category the previous year are included in question 7c.
9 Some items previously reported in Other Operating Expenditures moved to Collection Support
10 Composite benefit rates at Ohio State vary by employee type. Average of faculty and professional
staff rates reported here. University Hospital’s rate for Health Sciences Library is slightly higher.
22 Purchase of several large online serial back files has made more resources immediately available to
our users.
2 Includes more comprehensive count, including e-books paid for by the Law Library.
6 Reflects increased expenditures for both labor and collections as noted elsewhere.
7 Increased expenditures for collections is a return to normal after a year of savings resulting from the
switch from print to electronic and eliminating the duplication of print.
8 Fully staffed for the full 12 months this year—no vacancies.
8.a Reflects full staffing for the full year—no period of vacancy.
8.c, 13.c We hired a graduate assistant this year.
10–11 Includes health care costs, retirement, payroll taxes, workers comp, and bus pass. Fixed cost for
health care is $14,700 per employee. Other costs are variable, at a rate of 29.3% of salary.
14–15 Smaller demand may be related to enrollment decrease.
18–19 This is partial total for Law Library. For most resources is it not possible to separate out Law Library
use from total library use.
20 Data not available.
21–22 Unable to separate this out from total library numbers.
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