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CHICAGO, cont.
8.b Mistake in FY11 support staff. Correct total should have been $389,272.
8.c Greater reliance on student workers in FY12.
10 The university’s fringe benefit rates are calculated by Sponsored Award Accounting annually and
negotiated with the Department of Health and Human Services. Rates are calculated for benefit-
eligible (receive full benefits). In addition, a Federal rate is calculated, which is the same as the
benefit-eligible rate excluding unallowable dependent tuition-remission benefit expenses. This rate
is only applied to salaries charged to Federal awards. Some of the major fringe benefit cost categories
are health insurance, retirement, FICA/Medicare, tuition remission, workman’s compensation,
and unemployment insurance. Fringe benefit expenses also include short/long term disability,
life insurance, temporary shutdown, staff/faculty assistance, child/elder care, employee physicals,
training, and flex-transportation/medical/dependent.
11 This percent is applied to all staff except those with salary paid from federal awards.
18 This number includes document views from CIAO, ebrary, HeinOnline, IntelliConnect, Wiley,
LegalTrac, OUP, vLex, and WorldTradeLaw. Does not include the following databases for which
we collect some usage data: BNA, CALI, E&E, PACER, Oceana, RIA Academic Advantage, and
Supreme Court Insider. Does not include the following databases for which we have no usage data:
ChinaLawInfo, ELR, Fastcase, GCR, GTDT, IEL titles, iSinoLaw, JustCite, Justis, KluwerArbitration,
LexisNext, MoML, Manupatra, Pratt, Singapore law reports, SSRN, The Daily Whale, TRACfed,
TradeLawGuide, and Westlaw.
19 This number includes CIAO, Wilson, LegalTrac, LLMC, OUP, and vLex. See Q18 footnote for listing
of databases that we have some usage data that is not included, as well as databases for which we
have no usage data.
21 The number of filled or lending requests varies by the collection needs of the requesting libraries and
naturally fluctuates from year to year.
5 Question 5 numbers are included in Main statistics.
8.a–8.b Corrected matching of professional and support staff salaries to numbers of staffing from 2010–12
ARL Questionnaire.
11 The fringe benefits rate varies by employee group. Rates are: faculty librarians–28%, administrative
and professional–36.5%, support staff–47%, and student assistants–8.5%.
1 103,000 bib records for Congressional Research Digital Collection were purchased from ProQuest.
10 Fringe benefits include medical, dental, and life insurance and retirement.
11 Percent equals fringe benefits divided by total amount of salaries.
14.a, 15.a, 16.a Figure is based on a combination of sampling and actual counts
16 Data collection method has changed and in FY12 was based on a combination of sampling and actual
counts in addition, definitional differences in how transactions are numbered in the new collection
system affect the comparability of year-to-year data.
21 Includes 3,051 for fee-based service.
2 In 2012, the law library withdrew 8,677 volumes of duplicative material.
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