58 · SPEC Kit 298
Slow development cycles
Inadequate usability studies
System interoperability
Data migration
Controlled vocabularies and authority work
The lack of standards that are interoperable and clear
No fulltime metadata librarian
Too much stuff to describe
Training staff on emerging metadata standards
Reaching decisions on metadata standards to use for various projects
Implementing without programming skills and necessary software tools
Additional Comments
21. Please enter any additional information regarding metadata at your library that may assist the
author in accurately analyzing the results of this survey.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“We are very decentralized so many departments are engaging in projects that may involve metadata
creation. We recently adopted CONTENTtdm to support some of these projects and promote interoperability
among them. Our ‘metadata librarian’ is primarily a MARC-based cataloger of e-materials who also works
with various groups/projects on use of other metadata. We recently hired a digital library director and are
seeking funding for a metadata architect to work more closely with digital projects on technical issues beyond
traditional descriptive metadata overseen by catalogers.”
“The scope of the survey is not entirely clear. I have included MARC/AACR cataloging of digital objects such as
Web pages, e-books, etc. Question 14: no one person or unit has primary responsibility for both management
and coordination of metadata. Coordination is invested in a committee: Metadata Implementation Group.
Management is decentralized. The main units are Monographic Services, Digital Initiatives, and Special
“At our institution the catalog librarian and metadata librarian functions are combined so it was difficult to
select one or the other in this survey and the results may not be clear. The fact that we are still doing much of
our digital initiatives and metadata creation work in projects that involve cross-functional teams could also
create confusing results. If some activities or functions are done by parts of positions in several areas, it was
difficult to record this in the staffing representation.”
“At the moment no metadata has been created here; we expect that will change in a year from now.”
“Currently, the libraries are undergoing an extensive self examination and assessment of their current digital
program/project. We are in the process of making recommendations and changes that will better serve the
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