26 · SPEC Kit 298
Opus Software
Oracle Database
Oracle, LUNA Insight, NoteTab Pro, MARC Report, MySQL, Post Gres, Virginia Tech, DSpace
Sirsi Unicorn, OCLC Connexion, Custom-developed tools for MODS creation
Streetprint, Greenstone
Stylus Studio
Templates via DSpace, fielded databases in MySql
Voyager (our ILS)
XMetaL (for EAD finding aids)
XMetaL, Contentdm
XMetaL, JHOVE, Site Executive Content Management System, NoteTab
XMetaL, NoteTab, UltraEdit, MySQL
XMetaL, UltraEdit
XMetaL; internally developed Web form
10. What software or system does your library use for building and distributing digital objects?
Check all that apply. N=65
Internally developed system 32 49%
DSpace 31 48%
CONTENTdm 28 43%
Fedora 12 19%
Luna Insight 12 19%
DLXS 11 17%
Greenstone 8 12%
DigitalCommons 6 9%
Eprints 4 6%
ESRI Arc Suite 4 6%
ExLibris’ DigiTool 4 6%
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