Metadata · 29
Please describe other quality control method.
Compliance with application profiles
For ETDs, metadata published and then enhanced
MARC, Authority, and Unicode validation
OCLC Connexion validation function
Sorting and filtering
We check a sample of 10% of in-house created metadata. We check a sample of 10% of vendor created
metadata. We create customized submission forms for community input so as to standardize fields needed and
to provide constant data.
XML validation of schema
Please specify the metadata checking tool.
Data validation in locally created input forms; value lists in locally created input forms
DigiTool Meditor
DSpace—manditory fields
Internally developed systems
Locally developed scripts, XML schema, and DTD validation
Oxygen and a series of scripts check structure of files
Oxygen, Spotfire
Oxygen; CONTENTdm
Oxygen; XMLSpy; Best Practice Guidelines for EADs; MODS; Digital Object Specifications (specified and sample
Perl scripts used for some tasks, including reports for QC
Saxon, Validator, local NLM developed tools
Schematron, XML Schema constraints, local scripts
Stylus Studio
UFDC metadata tools
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