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that go into an institutional repository of for the Archives’ digital collections. They focus solely on MARC and
DC for physical and licensed e-resources found on the online catalog. Hence, metadata responsibilities have
been disbursed to our Digital Initiatives and Archives departments. Our Catalog/Metadata Librarian position,
currently reporting within our Cataloging Department, will be vacant soon. We anticipate moving this position
out of Cataloging, or reconfiguring altogether to do work not related to metadata.”
“The new Digital Initiatives Librarian position includes metadata as well as project planning, scanning and
other digital activities. Other personnel in Special Collections and Technical Services also share some of the
metadata responsibilities.”
“There has been growth of Systems Department to support Digital Initiatives.”
“This person manages the digital objects platform (ContentDM) and among other things works on metadata
crosswalks, interoperability and management.”
“Using UFDC/dLOC (Digital Library of the Caribbean) tools in various units of each of several Caribbean
partner institutions.”
“We added the creation of metadata for digital objects to numerous cataloging positions informally, that is,
without a formal redefinition of the position.”
“We also redefined one staff position to be responsible for metadata 25% of the his time; depending on the
format being digitized (e.g., maps or audio). We distribute metadata creation to catalogers who specialize in
those formats.”
“We are currently lobbying the university administration to create a Digital Initiatives Librarian to lead
metadata activities.”
“Within the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate, emphasis has been on mainstreaming digital
and book cataloging to ensure that both are done to same standards for subject analysis and description.”
Metadata Staff
14. Who has primary responsibility for management and coordination of metadata activities in your
library? N=64
Metadata librarian 19 30%
Other librarian 19 30%
Metadata team/committee/working group 10 16%
Archivist 3 5%
Other professional 2 3%
Other 11 17%
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