42 · SPEC Kit 298
Electronic Publishing Center librarian Dean
Electronic Resources Cataloguer Head, Bibliographic Control
Electronic Resources Librarian Assistant Director, Library Systems and Technical Services
Head of Cataloging Chief, Technical Services Division
Head of Content Access Management University Librarian
Head, Catalog and Metadata Associate Dean
Head, Cataloging & Metadata Services Associate Director for Collection Services
Head, Digital Programs Director of Preservation and Digital Programs
Head, Metadata & Cataloging AD for Materials Management
Head, Scholarly Resources Integration Department Assistant Director for Information Technology and
Technical Services
Web and Digital Initiatives Coordinator Director of Technical Services
Metadata team/committee/working group
Number of members Reports to
2 plus students Metadata Manager
3 Department head
5 Specific departments of members of the consortium
7 AUL Director of Library Systems
7 Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems
8 Co-Director, Digital Library Development Center
9 Assistant Director of Technical Services
Varies Collaborative process with informal working groups, as needed. This includes staff from
the following departments: Acquisitions, Bibliographic Control, Library Data and Server
Support, Preservation, Special Collections, Student Multimedia Design Center.
Varies No one really
Various Decentralized structure
Position title Reports to
University Archivist University Librarian
Archivist Head of Special Collections and Archives
Assistant Director, Digital Library of Georgia Director, Digital Library of Georgia
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