30 · SPEC Kit 298
Validation checks on XML
Variety of open-source and commercial QA software
XML Validation
Comments about metadata quality control at your library.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Content quality control is performed by the Archivist in charge of the physical materials being digitized.
Structural completeness and correctness is quality controlled with XML validation by the Digital Programs
“Currently investigating more automated methods of metadata checking. This is especially important for
content creators.”
“Different methods of quality control are used for different projects. For learning objects, metadata is created
by content creators but enhanced by the metadata librarian (with the addition of controlled vocabulary, etc.).
For other projects where metadata is created by a librarian or archivist no enhancement or checking is done.”
“In many projects, metadata is added from multiple sources, so it aggregates over time. Each source is
responsible for various parts of the metadata.”
“Metadata Librarian verifies that the data meets standards, but the content verification is left up to the data
“No different from other MARC records.”
“Not all metadata creation in DSpace @MIT is checked by a cataloger.”
“Others with whom we share metadata tell us the quality is very good and consistent.”
“Our CONTENTdm data dictionary is an attempt to standardize metadata practice and promote consistency
for interoperability. There’s significant quality control at the time that the metadata is created but keeping it
up-to-date is an ongoing challenge.”
“QC protocol is determined on a project specific basis.”
“Staff & librarians are trained on metadata creation prior to being authorized to create it.”
“Use database sorting to find inconsistencies.”
“User-created metadata coming soon.”
“We need to get better at this aspect of metadata quality. It has been applied in some cases. But, other times,
no management has occurred. Starting this year, as we have integrated metadata creation into the library’s
central technical services units, it has gotten better.”
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