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Metadata Librarian
Position Title Reports to
Cataloging/Metadata Librarian Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services
Digital Librarian Manager of Digital Services
Digital Services Librarian Head, Bibliographic Services
Electronic Resources Cataloger Head, Catalog Department
Electronic Resources Librarian Head of Monographs
Electronic Resources Librarian Head, Information Resources
Head of Digital Library Initiatives/Metadata Librarian Deputy Director
Head, Cataloging Services (Chair of metadata steering
Director, Content Management Services
Head, Metadata Services Director, Discovery Systems & Services
Metadata & Cataloguing Librarian Coordinator, Bibliographic Services
Metadata & Electronic Resources Specialist Head of Technical Services
Metadata Librarian Section head, Special Collections and Metadata Section,
Catalog Department
Metadata Librarian Coordinator, Metadata & Preservation Services
Metadata Librarian Head, Digital Library Services
Metadata Librarian Head of Technical Services
Metadata Librarian Head of Technical Services and Digital Access
Metadata Librarian for Digital Production Head of Digital Library
Vocabulary Control/Metadata Coordinator Head, Central Technical Services
Other librarian
Position title Reports to
Associate Dean for Collections & Technical Services Dean of the Library
Catalog and Metadata Services Team Leader Head of Collections Services
Coordinator of Digital Content Development
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Digital Initiatives Librarian Associate Dean for Collections, Preservation and Digital
Digital Services Librarian Special Collections Head
Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Associate Librarian for Library Services
Director of Library Technology Dean of Libraries
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