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17. Which of the following conferences and workshops have your metadata staff attended? Check
all that apply. N=63
American Library Association Annual Conferences 51 81%
American Library Association Midwinter Meetings 46 73%
OCLC workshops 31 49%
Digital Library Federation Forums 21 33%
Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 20 32%
ALCTS Regional Institute 15 24%
Metadata Applications and Standards: an ALCTS
and Library of Congress Workshop 14 22%
METS Opening Day 13 21%
Dublin Core Conferences 12 19%
Metadata and Digital Library Development: an ALCTS
and Library of Congress Workshop 8 13%
LITA Regional Institute or National Conference 8 13%
Other 38 60%
Please specify other conference or workshop.
2nd International Conference on Open Repositories
Access Library Technology Conference
ARL Workshop on XML
ASIST Annual Meeting; ILS Vendor User Group Meeting; DSpace User Group Meeting
Canadian Metadata Forum, Access, Coalition for Networked Information
Collaborative Digitization Program workshops
Certificate of advance study in digital librarianship, University of Illinois
CIC Conference; SAA Workshop
Coalition for Networked Information
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