Metadata · 33
Metadata Librarian for
Digital Production
2005 Digital Library Head of Digital Library
Catalog/Metadata Librarian 2005 Cataloging and Metadata Services Head of Cataloging and
Metadata Services
IS Resource Support
2005 Digital Collections Center Metadata Head
Principal Cataloger for
2006 Metadata & Cataloging Head, Metadata & Cataloging
Metadata & Electronic
Resources Specialist
2006 Technical Services Head of Technical Services
Archivist for Acquisitions
and Processing
2006 Special Collections Head of Special Collections
2006 Monographic Services Head
Metadata Specialist 2006 Technical Services Assistant Director for Technical
Program Assistant Senior 2007 Special Collections Digital Initiatives Librarian
Vocabulary Control/
Metadata Coordinator
2007 Central Technical Services Head, Central Technical Services
Metadata activities are distributed across the institution. Please explain.
“A few other units that create digital objects also create metadata for those items. There has been some
centralization of this work.”
“Cataloging and Metadata Services creates descriptive and subject metadata; structural metadata is often
supplied by the vendor who is scanning the objects.”
“Collaboration is distributed among the following departments: Acquisitions, Bibliographic Control, Library
Data and Server Support, Preservation, Special Collections, Student Multimedia Design Center.”
“Content creators & other campus managers.”
“Content owners and external partners create metadata and Digital Initiatives unit manages metadata and
makes it available in digital library systems.”
“Cross functional teams coordinate metadata creation across several library areas.”
“Curators create some records, these are finalized by the digital librarian.”
“Decentralized organizational structure, with MASC, Systems, Cataloging, and Public Services involved in
metadata creation.”
“Departments on campus do some metadata, other departments in the library, including the Digital Lab and
Archives; we are in the process of consolidating as much as possible in the Catalog Department.”
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