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Selected Comments from Respondents
“All of our librarians have added some type of metadata responsibilities to their workload. A few of our
staff have taken on metadata responsibilities, including testing for our institutional repository. Their position
descriptions are being accordingly revised.”
“DLG charges for metadata and other digital library services provided for digitizing content from public
libraries as a part of an LSTA-funded initiative.”
“Fall 2007 we hired a retired librarian in the Scholarly Resources Department to work half time with the
development of a campus-wide expertise and reporting system. The incumbent in this position is working with
programmers to define metadata fields and structures, standards for various content, and input (interface)
and output (reports) design. We are now hiring an Administration and Professional position, Coordinator of
Metadata Input and Quality Control, who will help write documentation for workflows, train students and staff
in creation/input, and monitor quality control. We have shifted the responsibilities of one of our staff to include
the technical metadata coding for an electronic journal that we are now publishing.”
“In 2006, the Digital Library Center merged with the Special Collections Library. The Metadata Librarian
reports to Technical Services but is also a member of the Digital Library Center team.”
“In many projects, metadata is added from multiple sources, including the Digital Initiatives Unit, the Woodson
Research Center (special collections), and Cataloging and Metadata Services. Digital collections are managed
by project, with participants from many departments.”
“Metadata creation is distributed throughout the University Libraries departments.”
“Metadata librarianship here is quite complicated due to the fact that metadata librarians (MDL) were present
in Mann Library (Agriculture Library) in 1998. Between 1998 and 2002 there were 3 FTE MDL at Mann Library.
In 2002, Olin Library (The Main Library) carved out a Metadata Services Unit which was situated in Library
Technical Services. As late as 2006, this Unit consisted of 3.25 FTE MDL, 2 FTE Metadata assistants, and 2.25
Programmer Analysts. As of 2007, Metadata Services consists of 3 FTE MDL and 2 FTE Metadata Assistants.
Metadata Services is part of Discover Systems & Services which is part of the Information Technology and
Technical Services Department headed by the Senior Associate University Librarian.”
“Our Cataloging Department took on a large metadata creation project with funding from a grant. During a
4-month period 5 catalogers were involved in this project. However, no additional interest has been expressed
from that department in being involved in metadata creation.”
“Our Metadata Unit is within our Cataloging Department. The positions (1 librarian and 0.5 FTE support staff)
are funded completely thorough paying clients (examples, OpenCourseWare and some DSpace communities)
and grants.”
“Our organizational structure is still evolving although metadata creation has begun in several areas, currently
coordinated by cross functional teams. As the work in operationalized, other changes may be made.”
“Over the years, metadata creation has become widely distributed inside and outside the library. TEI is now
created by other universities with guidance and quality control provided by the Sheridan Libraries.”
“The Cataloging Department does not seem to embrace creating metadata for digital objects, i.e., those
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