Metadata · 53
Consult with subject specialists to plan and facilitate
metadata activities 39 87%
Represent library in local, regional, national or
global forums/discussions 39 87%
Collaborate with project partners at other institutions 37 82%
Collaborate with project partners outside the libraries,
but within the same institution 36 80%
Train staff in the creation, preservation, storage,
and management of metadata 35 78%
Manage projects 34 76%
Provide consultation and assistance to end users in the
creation and management of metadata 23 51%
Write grants 16 36%
Other 4 9%
Please specify other activities.
“Act as liaison for metadata work between the cataloging departments and the Digital initiatives and Archives
Department, with some additional involvement from the Systems Department.”
“Job description and specification of precise duties are in development at present.”
“Keep up to date with emerging metadata schema.”
“To clarify: write metadata sections for grants; consult on metadata options rather than select schemas.”
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