54 · SPEC Kit 298
Metadata Challenges
20. Please list the top three metadata challenges facing your library. N=56
Communication (with ITD and other library-wide groups)
A fully stable and functional online system in which to work; clear top-down policies
Effective compatibility between RDF storage of metadata and its XML embodiment for analysis, validation
Developing appropriate software for metadata creation/maintenance
Insufficient human resources
Developing/accommodating workflow for metadata creation
Integrating non-MARC metadata production into Technical Services and Digital Access team
Continued development of in-house tools for metadata creation (for generating EAD, TEI, and MODS)
Automating parts of the metadata creation process
Authority control in support of data mining within digital objects
1) Finding time for trained staff to address the potentially large number of digital objects
2) Learning and keeping up to date on standards and schemas
3) Evaluating and adopting tools
1) Re-investing knowledge gained from projects beyond the library to library projects
2) Identifying the right level of metadata required for material
3) Allocation of staff
1) The need to automate metadata creation as much as possible
2) To motivate and move traditional cataloging librarians and staff to apply metadata to digital objects
3) To train and develop staff willing/interested in learning more about applying modern forms of metadata
1. Human organization: determining responsibilities, relationships and lines of communication in an environment of change
and multifocal activity
2. Technical architecture for metadata creation and management
3. Time and staffing for metadata creation within project schedules
1. Reconciling metadata quality vs metadata costs
2. Interoperating existing online collections with new collections which are supported by other platforms
3. Documenting the decisions, costs, staffing, and workflows of the various collections in production
1. Time to create proper metadata, particularly technical metadata
2. Lack of stable standards (or increasing number of new standards)
3. Need for automated processes to develop metadata, particularly technical
1. Training staff
2. Implementing change in organization
3. Implementing change in organizational culture
1. Automating metadata creation
2. Sharing/reusing metadata from various projects
3. Integrating cataloging staff into metadata projects
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