Metadata · 25
CONTENTdm Acquisitions station and III Millennium; locally constructed tools like: JETL (Java Extraction,
Transformation, and Loading); also JHOVE, the open source metadata extraction tool.
CONTENTdm and DSpace
CONTENTdm, ENCompass, Greenstone
CONTENTdm, XMetaL, DSpace, OCLC Connexion
docWorks, local NLM tools (SPER)
DSpace interface, OpenCourseWare content management system
Dspace, Open Journal Systems
DSpace; Luna Inscribe
EMACS, XMetaL, locally created interfaces
EXLIBRIS ALEPH, UFDC metadata template
Filemaker Pro
In-house WebGenDB database software developed by UC Berkeley and available for use by other University of
California campuses.
In-house workflow management tool
Innovative Interfaces MetaData Builder (ILS Editor for EAD and DC)
Local ERM & Endeavor’s Voyager
Local FileMaker databases, Image Magick for technical metadata
Locally developed administrative tool as part of institutional repository
Locally developed databases; XMetaL
Locally developed ingest tools
Microsoft Word, PURL Scripting
MySQL, NoteTab, NotePro, Contentdm Acquisition station, OCLC Connexion, Innovative Interfaces global
update capability
NoteTab Pro
NoteTab Pro, ALEPH500
NoteTab Pro, AuthorEditor
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