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Organization Change
13. Has your library organization changed to provide metadata services? N=65
Yes 55 85%
No 10 15%
If yes, which of the following best describes how your library organization has changed. If
incremental changes have occurred, check all that apply. N=58
Redefined librarian position(s) to include metadata activities 36 62%
Metadata activities are distributed across the institution 31 53%
Created a new metadata librarian position 26 45%
Incorporated metadata services into existing department(s)/
unit(s) without making any name change 21 36%
Incorporated metadata services into an existing department/
unit and renamed the department/unit 13 22%
Created a separate metadata services department/unit 7 12%
We are now in the planning stages for reorganizing
to accommodate metadata 5 9%
Other 8 14%
Redefined librarian position(s) to include metadata activities.
Title of position Year Department position reports to Position reports to
Metadata Librarian 1997 Technical Services Head of Technical Services
Science cataloger 1997 Catalog Department Head, Catalog Department
Metadata Librarian 1999 Catalog Department Section head, Special Collections
and Metadata Cataloging
Metadata Analyst 1999 Information Delivery, Organization &
Retrieval (IDOR) [technical services]
Director, IDOR
Electronic Resources
2000 Information Resources Head, Information Resources
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