38 · SPEC Kit 298
Created a separate metadata services department/unit.
Name of department/unit Year Position that department/unit reports to
Metadata Unit 1999 Metadata Analyst & Head of Cataloging
Metadata Services 2002 Head of Library Technical Services
Quality Control Unit 2002 Digital Library Center
Digital Access 2002 Head of Technical Services and Digital Access
Metadata Unit 2003 Head of CAMS
Digital Resources Metadata Section 2004 Head, Cataloging & Metadata Center
Cataloging and Metadata Services 2006 Assistant Director of Technical Services
We are now in the planning stages for reorganizing to accommodate metadata.
Name of future department/unit Position that department/unit will report to
Currently unknown Currently unknown
Currently unknown Currently unknown
Digital Collections Working Group Two librarians, one each from our Cataloging Department and our
Technical Services Department in the Rare Book, Manuscript and Special
Collections Library, will be reassigned as Metadata Librarians, remain in
their current reporting lines, and collaborate with our digital collections
working group.
Metadata Services TBD
Special Collections and Archives Library Director
Other. Please describe the organizational structure for metadata activities.
“Created Digital Initiatives unit and included this in the Associate Dean’s responsibilities.”
“Hired extra-help term position for duration of project.”
“New position (2004): Digital Projects Librarian.”
“Project based.”
“Digital Collections Center.”
Comments about organizational change.
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