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Continuing to provide MARC cataloging while also working on digital projects
Building out our metadata to fully accommodate audio and video
Getting buy in for digital projects from public services librarians
Co-ordination of activities in differing units
Knowledge divide between creators, managers, programmers
Cross-repository searching
Cross walking and interoperability
Work flow and work load
Implementation & automation for delivery of multiple products
Defining essential technical metadata
Coordination of various activities throughout the library
Keeping up with this rapidly changing field and the proliferation of standards
Finding metadata tools: finding, installing and using appropriate software tools for the kinds of metadata creation we’d like
to do
For our digital collections, reconciling one standard schema for multiple collections
From the strategic plan, 2008–2013: determining the bibliographic description framework needed in the digital era; adapting
traditional collection development strategy to acquire digital content; workforce transformation.
In-house expertise and time to explore metadata standards for digital objects
Roles and responsibilities within the organization for cataloguing digital objects
Expressing all relevant metadata for digital objects (ex. administrative, technical metadata) within metadata standards used
in our systems
Incorporating creation of a growing need for metadata into the ongoing workflow of the library
Lack of staff to cope with increasing resources
No plans yet in place for local repository
Finding our place in provincial consortial repository activities and trying to ensure that we get benefits and contribute
Lack of staff
Lack of staff
Lack of staff
Lack of staff
Lack of system-wide infrastructure
Lack of articulated vision for our Digital Library
Mainstreaming workflows so that everything is not handled on a project basis
New knowledge:  Keeping up with new developments; knowing what works, and what is possible
Project Management: Managing projects that cross so many departments/divisions of the Libraries and that involve other
units across campus
No standard policies
Not enough staff
Difficult to coordinate different digitization project schema with each other
Not sufficient personnel
More training and quality control needed
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