34 · SPEC Kit 298
“Description metadata is done in Special Collections; grants are run in Digital Initiatives.”
“Electronic Resources Librarian works with staff in Special Collections, Preservation, and Systems in the
creation of metadata.”
“In addition to Digital Library Services student workers, metadata duties are performed on a project basis by
librarians, support staff, and student workers in the following departments: Special Collections; Circulation;
Map Collection; Preservation. We are also in the planning stages to incorporate metadata production into the
Rapid Cataloging unit of Central Technical Services (without making any name changes).”
“Librarians, staff, and faculty throughout the institution use centralized library technology to create and edit
“Library I.T. staff also create some metadata as part of the ingest process for digital objects in our institutional
“Management, creation, and maintenance occur in Information Technology, Digital Library Initiatives, Design,
Metadata & Cataloging, and Special Collections.”
“Many special collections departments do some metadata work for their projects as well as linking digital
objects from their collections into existing metadata.”
“Metadata activities are also carried out in the Law Library of Congress (Global Legal Information Network),
Congressional Research Service, Office of Strategic Initiatives, and US Copyright Office.”
“Metadata activities occur in Digital Programs, Technical Services, Manuscript and Rare Book Library,
Preservation, and other units.”
“Metadata creation for some digital projects is provided by the Art Department and digital projects group.”
“Metadata services involve many areas: Cataloging and Metadata Department, Digital Library Center, Special
and Area Studies Collections Dept, Government Documents Department/Map & Imagery Library, Preservation
Dept, GIS program.”
“Some in archives, some in technical services.”
“Systems, Cataloging, Archives & Special Collection, Academic Departments.”
“Takes place in Special Collections/Archives (Research & Access Division), and in Digital Services Unit
(Collections & Technical Services Division).”
“This is the case for the institutional repository.”
“Various committees and task groups are concerned with metadata activities.”
“We also have a Cataloging Department and a Special Collections Cataloging Department. There is also
another unit on campus that works with faculty creating content for courses. There are metadata experts in
that unit.”
“We’ve created a working group to deal with non-MARC metadata.”
“Work is done in History of Medicine Division, Preservation Section, and NCBI, in addition to the Cataloging
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