40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3
Knowing whether onsite professors
require students to use library
materials for classes.
Providing library use instruction to faculty
and students other than the modules
available online.
Lack of qualified people onsite to
assist library patrons.
Lack of awareness by study abroad
participants that we provide these
Communicating with study abroad
Lack of opportunities to explain full
range of library services available to
students abroad
Reliability of ISP services in participants’
study abroad country
Time differential in providing
reference services such as IM/Chat
which is not provided at the home
institution on a 24/7 basis.
Limited services for distance
students. Service level is not the
same as for on campus students.
Need for building relationships with and
ongoing communication with Study Abroad
No special services are provided—
study abroad students have same
access as any student from a
remote site.
Not enough funding Changes in leadership for the various study
abroad programs
One challenge involved inciting
support from the Study Abroad
Office to collaborate. So, I created
the online resources, which are
linked from the Library. Once the
resource page was completed, the
Study Abroad Office was much
more willing to collaborate.
I wanted to offer an instruction session to
students preparing to study abroad and
also for students from abroad coming to
Illinois. The office however indicated that
the orientation schedule for their programs
were already full. As a result, we are
discussing methods to promote the virtual
resources and also translating the Web
resources into print handouts.
One of the biggest challenges is
getting the attention of students
before they leave our campus.
They’re both excited and worried
about the prospect of living in
another country, and their minds
tend to be on anything and
everything but library resources and
Another challenge is just how to make
it easier for these students to find the
information they need, no matter where
they are though we have that constant
challenge with on-campus users as well.
It’s difficult to keep up with
the ever-increasing number
and variety of study abroad
opportunities on this campus,
therefore difficult to know how
well we’re meeting needs.
Reliability of access in some
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