SPEC Kit 309: Library Support for Study Abroad · 29
“Items can be located by author, title, or broad category on an Excel spreadsheet.”
“Monographs cataloged into LC call numbers. Serials are alphabetic. Audio, Videos &DVDs are given
accession numbers.”
11. Are materials included and searchable in the home institution’s OPAC? N=5
Yes 2 40%
No 3 60%
“Records are stored on the home institution catalog but are ‘shadowed’ from public view. They are searchable
by the public only from on board the ship.”
12. Are these materials searchable as a discrete collection? N=5
Yes 5 100%
No 0
“See preceding comments. ‘Searchable’ within the context of an online Excel spreadsheet.”
“They are searchable by the public on shipboard but not from the home OPAC.”
13. Do materials in this collection circulate? N=5
Yes No
Monographs 5
Periodicals 2 3
Audio/Visual material 4
Other category of material 1 1
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