SPEC Kit 309: Library Support for Study Abroad · 37
21. Is the library using any social software, such as blogs, wikis, Facebook, or Second Life, to deliver
services to study abroad students or faculty? N=31
Yes 8 26%
No 23 74%
If yes, please describe what kind of software is being used and for what purposes.
“As mentioned above, we have a distance education blog. We also have a number of blogs and wikis that
are subject oriented, rather than oriented specifically to the study abroad audience. And we have a Facebook
page. We use Wikimedia for the wikis and WordPress for the blogs.”
“blogs, wikis.”
“Students can use chat software to ‘chat’ with librarians in real time.”
“Study abroad students would have access to the same Internet delivered services (Wikis and Facebook) as
local students, however these services are not expressly designed or marketed to study abroad students.”
“The Libraries have a Facebook page and the librarians who monitor it note that many international
students—some enrolled and some prospective students—use it extensively. There is also a ‘Services for
Students’ blog which feeds to the page and is available thru RSS.”
“We are using blogs and wikis in overall instructional efforts. Students at a distance may be participating,
although the blogs/wikis are not specifically for this group of students.”
“We do use blogs/wikis/Facebook but have not specifically targeted them to this population.”
“We use social software as noted above but it is intended for all students not just study abroad students.”
Library Services for the Study Abroad Program, cont.
22. What kind of interlibrary loan and/or document delivery services does the home institution library
offer to these study abroad students and faculty? Check all that apply. N=28
The home institution library delivers electronic
materials directly to study abroad students and faculty 26 93%
The home institution library delivers hard copy
materials directly to study abroad students and faculty 14 50%
The home institution library delivers electronic
materials to the study abroad library 3 11%
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