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Library instruction that is available online. ILL of items
that can be delivered electronically. Document Delivery of
photocopies or scans of articles from the Libraries’ hard-
copy subscriptions for a fee.

The only service we do not provide for Study Abroad
students is mailing other universities’ books to them
as ILLs. We do, however, mail books from our own

At various times, we have made course readings and
other instructional support materials available to study
abroad participants (including students in the College
of Design Rome Program) through two different library
services: e-Reserve, and the Instruction Commons. The
former is simply the electronic version of our traditional
course reserve service, and focuses primarily on digitized
versions of journal articles, book chapters, etc. The
Instruction Commons, according to the program Web site,
is “a collaborative Web-based library instruction program.
Class instructors and subject-specialist librarians
collaborate together to compile library research tools and
other information sources that are relevant to specific
class assignments and learning objectives, and to make
these resources easily accessible to students through the
Commons Web site, along with other class materials.”
The Library is in the process of combining these two
programs into a single Course Reserves &Resources
Although we do not offer library instruction classes
specifically for students entering our study abroad
programs, we do have a number of guides linked from
our Web page, a distance education blog, and numerous
online tutorials available.
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