16 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
1. Does your university/institution sponsor study abroad programs? N=53
Yes 44 83%
No 7 13%
Not applicable, we are not an academic institution 2 4%
“In FY 2008, the University sponsored approximately 275 study abroad programs, including exchanges,
semester programs, and short-term programs. Students can also participate in the literally thousands of non-
university programs that are available as well as doing direct enrollment at overseas institutions.”
“Mostly consists of exchange programs. Students will study abroad for 1 or 2 sessions as part of those
programs. Libraries do not offer specific services to study abroad programs but this is partly because all of our
students, whether they are at home or abroad, have access to our online collection and to reference services
via e-mail. They are also considered registered students at the university abroad where they study so can take
advantages of its library services, too.”
“Our replies will be of a general nature regarding library services. No specific program is identified.”
“Study abroad students have all the library use rights of university students, and have only logistical obstacles
to overcome in using the library’s resources. If they have Internet access they can authenticate and use our
electronic resources, and Access Services will send them resources if they are requested. We do not however
have a ‘formal’ support program. Theoretically, therefore, all study abroad programs have access to library
“The 30 programs mentioned in the next question are university-specific however, our students have access
to many more study abroad programs through partnerships with other institutions/organizations.”
“The University offers study abroad programs and also has cooperative agreements with a number of
international institutions offering our degrees from the host institutions. All are eligible for library support.”
“The university sponsors 7 travel-study programs. In addition, students can study at approximately 150
different international institutions through the university system’s Education Abroad Program, or at a
number of other study abroad programs affiliated with the university through the International Opportunities
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