SPEC Kit 309: Library Support for Study Abroad · 39
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Appreciation by the student of the
need to prepare in advance for
remote authentication to library
digital resources.
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At locations where students are
not affiliated with a local academic
institution abroad they generally
rely on small reference collections.
Therefore they must rely more
heavily on the home campus
electronic library resources.
Some students, particularly those studying
in the developing world, have difficulty in
accessing home campus electronic library
resources due to limited availability of
Internet access, poor Internet connections,
limited bandwidth, and power outages.
Awareness. We suspect that many
Study Abroad students are unaware
that they are eligible to continue
receiving full library services while
they are away.
Costs and security of delivering
hard copy library materials.
Institutional/policy constraints to providing
document delivery to students.
Communication and familiarity
with the large number of host
institution libraries.
Delays due to time zones, requests
come from international sites
during the night so responses to
students are delayed until next
Providing instruction, guidelines, Web sites
in other languages
Students in remote locations
cannot have face-to-face
assistance, all communication is
via the Internet or phone, often
requesters cannot browse the
Getting materials to Prague if we
buy them here. Typically, we order
materials in the Czech Republic
from a bookstore there and catalog
them based on order records.
Barcodes and labels are then sent
to Prague for the Director to affix to
the materials.
Getting the word out to all students
that library services and resources
are available to them regardless of
where they are.
We generally don’t have the budget to
deliver hard copy materials to students
We have a large number of
study abroad programs in many
countries. We would like to create
tailor-made resources for each,
and perhaps we will get there, but
it requires many resources (mainly
people and time).
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