26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
books overseas. We fill ILL requests for Study Abroad students only if they can be filled electronically. All of
these services—ILL, book delivery, scanning—are provided by our ILL Department.”
“The authentication of university affiliation is done by issuing a valid university card.“
“The Director of Public Services is the primary library contact for the program, and often refers specific
requests for assistance or services to others at the home institution.”
“The Distance Education librarian position at Gelman is relatively new and is mainly supported by GW
graduate distance/online programs. No formal agreement is yet in place with the Studies Abroad Programs
however, we do fulfill requests (and have done so in the past) for resources from students in programs abroad
as part of our regular services.”
“The Library’s Associate Dean for Research &Access is responsible, broadly speaking, for all access services
for all user groups. The latter includes remote users in general, and study abroad participants in particular.
On-site in Rome, the College of Design employs a Resident Director, whose responsibilities include oversight
of the studio facility library.”
“The on-site librarian and support staff are not library employees. However, requests for materials are handled
by home library staff.”
“University faculty directly utilize the services for all electronic forms of support provided by the university.
Additionally, online materials are available to the students. All materials assigned can be accessed by students
from abroad. These are materials in addition to the host/partner university’s library.”
“Via all library departments—as if students and faculty were on campus.”
“While I am the point person for this program, students and faculty do not need to go through me to get
library service and resources. Our Interlibrary Loan Office supports requests for materials that can be delivered
electronically. Our Circulation Department makes sure students and faculty are in the Library Patron Database,
so they may continue to access the library’s electronic resources while abroad. Our subject specialists provide
consultations for students with specific research needs, and our general reference services support questions
through e-mail and chat.”
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