36 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Online tutorials.”
“Online tutorials, distance education blog, and ‘Services for Off-Campus Patrons’ Web page with links to
several guides directed at anyone who needs remote access to our collections and services.”
“The Web site has online tutorials for using the libraries’ catalog and certain databases. Individual instruction
is delivered in the same ways reference is delivered.”
20. Is the library using any pre-recorded/pre-produced instruction modules, such as Camtasia or
Libguides, to deliver instruction to these study abroad students or faculty? N=30
Yes 11 37%
No 19 63%
If yes, please describe what kind of software is being used and for what purposes.
“60-second tutorials created using Camtasia. Also using Libquides, but more for discipline specific materials
than for modules.”
“CamStudio was used to create a screencast for orienting distance students to the Libraries’ resources and
services. A pilot project is in place to create more screencasts for this purpose.”
“Camtasia, YouTube for online tutorials.”
“Dedicated Web-based resource guides.”
“Searchpath for basic library instruction is available via the library Web site.”
“The home institution has developed instruction modules through Camtasia and are available to the students
at the Jerusalem Center.”
“There are a series of Study Abroad tutorials that have been produced by the library. HTML/CSS was used to
create these. We also have some produced some Web pages for specific programs (such as the Transatlantic
Masters Program).”
“We are using Captivate for our tutorials. Tutorials cover basic topics such as learning to use the catalog
and how to look for a journal article. None of the tutorials are aimed solely at the study abroad audience,
“We have just started migrating our existing research guides to the Libguides platform and we have
developed a series of online tutorials (Dreamweaver/Captivate) to teach users how to access and use
“We offer a series of online tutorials (produced in-house).”
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