SPEC Kit 309: Library Support for Study Abroad · 25
If yes, please give the following information about that individual: Individual’s position title,
individual’s unit or department, to whom individual reports.
Individual’s position title: Individual’s unit or department: Individual reports to:
Coordinator, Distance Learning
Library Services
Distance Learning Library Services, Ekstrom
Associate Dean/Director of
Ekstrom Library
Director, Design Library Design Library Deputy Director of Libraries
Director, Public Services, University
Associate Vice President for
University Libraries
Distance Education Coordinator Reference &Instruction Head of Reference
Librarian University Library Associate Dean
Manager, Access Services Access Services Assistant Dean for Public Services
and Outreach
Middle East Studies Librarian Social Sciences Dept. Assistant University Librarian for
Public Services
Outreach Librarian for Multicultural
Office of Services Scott Walter, Associate University
Librarian for Services
Reference Librarian Reference Head of Reference
Semester at Sea Librarian Reference and Information Services Head, Reference and Information
International Program Support
Associate University Librarian
for Collections and International
If a single individual does not have this administrative responsibility, please describe how library
support for this study abroad program is administered. N=13
“Electronic access to library resources and library services is provided by several departments on the campus,
including the Libraries and University Information Technology Services.”
“Same as all off-campus services: online.”
“Services to all students at a distance are built into existing services: ILL, e-reference, and access to online
“Services to remote users, access to electronic resources etc. are administered across and throughout the
“Study Abroad students are treated exactly like our other distance education students. They can obtain
reference assistance and instruction via e-mail, chat, and phone. These services are provided by the Reference
Department. Study abroad students also can request delivery of books via snail mail and articles or chapters
via email (scanned copies). They can also make ILL requests, although we do not send other libraries physical
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