SPEC Kit 309: Library Support for Study Abroad · 27
Funding of Library Support for Study Abroad Program
7. How is library support for this study abroad program funded? Check all that apply. N=31
Home institution’s library general budget 19 61%
Home institution’s library acquisitions budget 14 45%
Home institution’s library personnel budget 9 29%
Home institution’s general budget 8 26%
Host institution’s budget 6 19%
Student fees 4 13%
Home institution’s separate budget for study abroad program 2 7%
Endowment funding 1 3%
Gifts 1 3%
Other 6 19%
Please describe other source of funding.
“Because there are no special services provided to faculty and students in the Rome Program (or other study
abroad programs), there is no separate budget within the Library to support these programs. Funding for
the e-Library’s online collections and services comes from the Library’s general budget (Materials and Access
budget for online collections Operating Budget for salaries, supplies, and services.) Costs associated with the
small, studio facility library in Rome are borne by the College of Design.”
“Designated portion of tuition allocated to library.”
“Funded through program administrator.”
“Host institution provides print resources and some digital resources. All host institution students have full
access to home institution online resources.”
“No additional funding.”
“This work is absorbed into regular collections and services.”
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