24 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Administration of Library Support for Study Abroad Program
5. Which unit administers library support for students and faculty in this study abroad program?
Check all that apply. N=31
Home institution Library 30 97%
Host institution Library 11 36%
Home institution Study Abroad Office 6 19%
Home institution Academic Department 3 10%
Home institution Distance Education 2 7%
Other 5 16%
Please describe other unit.
“Director uses a manual check-out system to charge out books to the students.”
“Host institution libraries may be providing library services of which we are unaware.”
“The College of Design funds and maintains the on-site, studio facility library.”
“The home institution develops and supports online resources and the content of the Library Skills Workbook.
The host institution administers the Workbook for students at their campus.”
“The library provides a range of services as noted previously to all affiliated remote users but not because of
their status as a study abroad participant.”
6. If the home institution library administers library support for this study abroad program, is there a
single individual who has administrative responsibility? N=30
Yes 11 37%
No 19 63%
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